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Love, Lucy / Love, Charlotte: An Interview with Charlotte Boulay

…e past 30 days than I ever have, and I always wanted to find more time to think carefully about the questions you’re asking, but I never seemed to have it. I’m sorry. Here’s me doing my best to get back in: Charlotte Boulay – photo credit Roger Boulay As I go about this busy life of not writing poetry, when I grab the hours I can to actually write it, I can’t be worried about my own responsibilities to…

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Discussion Review Lush Life (by Richard Price) and The Wire

…hose moments where you (paraphrasing Zadie Smith paraphrasing Iris Murdoch) “realize the realness of other human beings”—not just in theory but in an acute, painful, extraordinary way. What we want from fiction, yes? BA: So, Charlotte, Lush Lifewasn’t like this (the acute understanding of another human) for you? CB: In a lot of ways it was. But somehow it’s not as powerful as The Wire, and I’m not sure why. BA: I agree—does it…

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Fundamentalism and Compassion: An Interview with Jess Row

…and Harvard Review, and have been anthologized in The Best American Short Stories, The Pushcart Review, and The PEN/O. Henry Awards. Charlotte Boulay spoke with Jess Row in his office at The College of New Jersey. Interview: Charlotte Boulay: When did you become interested in fundamentalism? Jess Row: Well, September 11th had something to do with it. Until then I don’t think I had really thought about fundamentalism, and certainly not as an…

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Charlotte Boulay

Charlotte Boulay is a poet who adores fiction. She has an MFA from the University of Michigan, and now lives in Philadelphia. Her poems have appeared in Slate, Field, and the Boston Review, the Massachusetts Review, Crazyhorse and other journals. She recommends reading anything by Kelly Link, and, not just for poets, Dan Chiasson’s latest collection Where’s the Moon, There’s the Moon. She is also eagerly awaiting the sequels to many novels,…

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Writing with Intuition: An Interview with Hannah Tinti

…he Year, recipient of the American Library Association’s Alex Award and winner of the John Sargent Sr. First Novel Prize. Hannah also recently won the 2009 PEN/Nora Magid award for her editorial work at One Story. Interview: Charlotte Boulay: I’m so happy to meet you because I love The Good Thief so much and I just taught it in a class on writing about visual art. Hannah Tinti: I have photos of visual art I’m going to use in my talk later. Oh,…

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new review on FWR: Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link

…” which first appeared in the Best American Short Stories in 2005, and then in Magic. I still dream about it sometimes. There was a period of almost a year after I first read it when, no matter what else I was reading, I wished it was “Stone Animals.” I’ve read it a dozen times. I sort of want to be reading it right now. Click here to read the rest of Charlotte Boulay’s review….

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[Contrasts & Charms] The Allure of the Sequel

…have to contend with next season. Even if most things turn out all right, in a good, complete novel the ending usually has a touch of bitter with its sweet, and that’s all there is to say about it. Who would want a sequel to Charlotte’s Web? Wilbur won’t be killed by the farmer, but we’ll all grow old and die. And I understand that many authors do not write the sequels I would eagerly read about their bewildering, bewitching characters because…

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Get Writing: Scene and Summary, Minimalist and Maximalist

…ene of that same experience. Further reading: If you missed the first two installments of “Get Writing” this month, you can view them in our archives—and check back next Friday for our final installment. For more exercises, there’s also our previous round of “Get Writing,” including this lovely exercise by Charlotte….

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[Contrasts & Charms] Bishop and Lowell Read Everything

I’m calling this column Contrasts & Charms because I’m interested in thinking about making disparate ideas adjacent, as Anne Carson describes below. And I’m also interested in the times you find twenty bucks, or a love note, or a sentence crumpled up in your pocket or lying on the street, what some might call luck, or grace. 1. Aspirations and reassurances From the beginning I’ve felt like a bit of an imposter as a…

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The Amazon Rants

You’ve probably read about Amazon’s most recent promotion–they encouraged customers to use their price-check app in stores, scan an item, and then get an extra 5% discount for buying that item on Amazon instead. This promotion occasioned much ranting, including a piece by Richard Russo in the Times, and then a rant from an opposing perspective by Farhad Manjoo in Slate. It won’t surprise regular readers of this site,…

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