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Lee Thomas

Editor at Large

Lee Thomas has called ten cities home in her life and still relishes getting to know a new place. She recently moved from San Francisco to New York, and is enjoying the reappearance of seasons. In her tenure at City Arts & Lectures in San Francisco she met authors on all stages of their book tours — from the idyllic beginning to the dusty end of the trail. Lee Thomas has reviewed books for the New York Times, the Charlotte Observer, the Yale Undergraduate Review of Books and the San Francisco Chronicle. Whatever John Banville writes, whatever alias he chooses, she reads, and will gladly discuss The Sea with anyone. The stories of John Cheever, Wells Tower, Shirley Hazzard, David Foster Wallace, Joshua Furst, and Bruno Schulz have had a profound influence on how she views swimming pools, carpentry, Italy, windowpanes, Boy Scout Camp, and life. In addition to her freelance work, Lee Thomas writes short fiction.


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Stories We Love: "Nephilim"

Most stories we read, hear, even tell — we forget. A scant few haunt us across years. The best ones never leave. I still remember the first time I read One Story issue #141 on the F train. Early November in New York, when wet, bare branches foreshadow winter. It begins: Freda weighed eighteen pounds when she was born. Her feet were each six inches long. At ten, she was taller than her father. Five feet eleven and one-half inches standing in her socks. I can’t keep you in shoes, her mother would say, and they went to Woolworth’s for […]

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SSM 2012: The Collection Giveaway Project

Welcome to Fiction Writers Review‘s third annual Collection Giveaway Project: a community effort by lit bloggers to champion great short story collections. The brainchild of Contributing Editor Erika Dreifus, 18 bloggers participated in the CGP 2011, giving away dozens of collections. Instructions on how to participate in The Collection Giveaway Project 2012. Note: Bloggers, please feel free to copy and borrow the CGP banner from this post for use on your own site. CGP 2012 Participants (updated daily!) David Abrams / The Quivering Pen: with Friday Freebies – Fires of Our Choosing, by Eugene Cross, This Will Be Difficult to […]

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The Collection Giveaway Project 2012

Short Story Month countdown: 7 days to May! Fiction Writers Review will host the third annual Collection Giveaway Project: a community effort by lit bloggers to champion great short story collections. The brainchild of Contributing Editor Erika Dreifus, 18 bloggers participated in the CGP 2011, giving away dozens of collections. How to participate in The Collection Giveaway Project: (1) Blog about a recently published short story collection (or two, or three). Long or short, review or rave. Only rule: you, the blogger, read and loved the book(s). (2) Offer a copy (or copies) as a giveaway to one lucky commenter. […]

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The Story Prize goes to …

Steven Millhauser! Yes, I know that news broke last week. But Anne and I attended the event on behalf of FWR – quite the literary crowd, Hannah Tinti further down our row, spotted Paul Vidich in the aisle. Here are some highlights: Don Delillo described going back to stories he’d written in the late 1970s and early 80s and not changing anything. Oh, wait, he took out all the semicolons, colons, and commas that magazine editors had introduced. He said it best: “I was a free man.” Cormac McCarthy, eat your heart out. Steven Millhauser, white floss of hair aglow […]

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Three Ways of the Saw, by Matt Mullins

Prodigals on a grand scale who don’t want to go home. Matt Mullins packs 25 stories into his high-velocity debut Three Ways of the Saw. Don’t be misled by the Zenlike title, these characters come at you like a karate chop to the windpipe. Read on to find out exactly why you’ll be thanking him for that bruised trachea.

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Book of the Week: Miracle Boy and Other Stories

This week’s feature is Miracle Boy and Other Stories, by Pinckney Benedict. Published this year by Press 53, the collection features a misfit cast of characters from the mountains of West Virginia. Known by names like “Lizard” and “mudman,” their very out-thereness commands the respect of reader. These backwoods folk may be wildly different from your friends and neighbors, but Benedict makes them impossible to ignore or dismiss, so vividly drawn they refuse easy definitions. Benedict is the author of two previous story collections, Town Smokes and The Wrecking Yard, and a novel, Dogs of God. Miracle Boy has been […]

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Boot-of-the-Week Winners: Lit from Within

Last week we featured the multi-genre craft anthology  Lit from Within as our Book-of-the-Week title, and we’re pleased to announce the winners. Congratulations to: Michelle Hoover (@MichelleHoover_) Rick Fisher (@fishfire) Lit Drift (@litdrift) To claim your copy of this anthology, please email us at the following address: winners [at] If you’d like to be eligible for future giveaways, please visit our Twitter Page and “follow” us!

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The Community-Word Project

On a bright Friday morning in late April, I met up with Michele Kotler, Founder and Director of The Community-Word Project (CWP) for a classroom visit to PS/MS 279 in the Bronx. In their own words, CWP is a New York City based arts-in-education organization that inspires children in underserved communities to read, interpret and respond to their world and to become active citizens through collaborative arts residencies and teacher training program. The K-8 Captain Manuel Rivera, Jr. School bustled with activity. As we entered a classroom packed with 26 fourth-graders, David Ciminello greeted us. David brought poetry, visual art, […]

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