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book blogs heart novellas

Over at The Fiction Desk, Rob explores why novellas might be ideal subjects for book bloggers; might this, in turn, inspire more novella-writing?

Despite their increasing importance to the industry, bloggers don’t (or rarely) get paid, and so the time they can dedicate to their book coverage is limited by work and family commitments. On top of this, it’s important to keep blogs going with fresh new content, and if your content is book reviews, those hours can really add up. Novellas may be the perfect format: often as substantial as longer novels, more “newsworthy” than short stories as they’re standalone products, but still short enough to fit into a blogger’s schedule.

Looking around the blogs I frequent, I’m seeing a lot of coverage of shorter books […] I wonder whether it shows a more general enthusiasm among bloggers for shorter books, which publishers of new titles might be able to take advantage of.

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