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Book covers in your mailbox

Postcards-from-PenguinFor better or worse, I’m one of those people who the postal service could charge $2 to send a simple letter and I’d still ante-up. With more of us sending email, especially in a work setting (I’m all for the environmental benefits of this), municipal mail service around the world has suffered. But there’s still something thrilling about receiving a handwritten letter – and they’re rare enough these days that a note from a friend in the mailbox can make my week.

James_and_the_Giant_PeachEnter: the perfect intersection of my admiration for the handwritten note and a love of cover design. Penguin has a set of 100 classic book covers in postcard form – from Wuthering Heights to Tender Is the Night. I first noticed these at Anthropologie, but I’m a stationary hoarder so I’ve held off on the purchase – thus far.

You can also purchase a box of 100 Puffin Book Covers – Penguin’s Children’s imprint. Those might even intrigue me more, as books like Charlotte’s Web, The Trumpet of the Swan and James and the Giant Peach were my gateway into the joys of reading.

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