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Dzanc eBook Club

The Kindle is a better conversationalist

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Addicted to browsing the shelves of used bookstores for that $3 copy of Chekhov’s stories? Sad you can’t do the same with your e-reader? Well, Dzanc’s eBook Club comes close, letting you gather an armful of fiction at a fraction of the retail price. Here’s how it works:

Dzanc Books is excited to announce the launching of the Dzanc Books eBook Club. Sign up now and get eleven books for $50! With the proliferation of eReading devices and increased interest in reading books on kindle, Sony e-Reader, Nook, etc., Dzanc Books is making it both easier, and less expensive for readers to obtain our titles as eBooks. Additional information can be found at our website at:

When you sign up for the club, you’ll instantly have access to five downloads, including Laura van den Berg’s story collection, What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us (reviewed by Liana Imam for FWR), and Steven Gillis’ novel The Consequences of Skating. Even better: Dzanc’s eBook Club would be the perfect gift-that-keeps-giving for one lucky bookworm.

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