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Give a kid your favorite book

Read ThisFirst, thanks to Jeffrey Rotter for bringing this to FWR’s attention. This Saturday, ReadThis hosts Book Drives for NYC Kids and Teens in three locations around New York. Have a book that changed your life when you were 8? I always think of Madeleine L’Engle’s wonderful flights of imagination, A Wrinkle In Time gave me the craziest dreams as a kid, and made the woods seem full of mystery and magic. Give that experience to a kid in our community:

What: Book Drives to collect gently used (or new) books for NYC kids in need

When: Saturday, December 4, 2010

How: Scan your shelves for books your kids no longer need, or buy a copy of your favorite book from when you were a young reader. These children and teens need everything from picture books to high-school level literature. The only caution is that the nonfiction needs to be up-to-date. Also please do not donate books with underlining.

Why: ReadThis has identified 7 Public School locations in great need of books
For more information about the event + book drop locations, click here.

Now, FWR readers are spread across the world, but there are probably schools in your area that would be grateful for a donation of some new books to their libraries. Perhaps there are programs similar to ReadThis in your city. What books would you choose to put into a young person’s hands this December?

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