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By October 1 all those start-of-the-school-year jitters have worn off (especially if, like me, you’ve no current connection to an academic calendar). In honor of the younger generation of readers, for the month of October FWR will highlight YA lit. Books for young people differ slightly from children’s literature, bridging the gap where Squirrel Nutkin leaves off and The Brothers Karamazov picks up. But, as every serious reader knows, good literature knows no age limit. A Wrinkle in Time still feels as magical as when my father read it aloud when I was eight.

The vacation reading club - join now at your public library (LOC)Along with our regular content, between now and Halloween we’ll highlight Y.A. our contributors love on the blog; feature interviews with a YA author – Adam Rex – and a novelist who set her debut at a girls boarding school – Mary Stewart Atwell; unveil a terrific essay by Jordan Millner of Two-Legged Animal about why she loves YA; and much more. Listen folks: for all you who turn up your noses at the 50-year-old Twihard on the G, keep reading. There are wonderful books being written for young people, and a great book is a great book is a great book.

What knocked your socks off at age 14? Maybe you mixed it up with a reading list that included Rosemary Sutcliff, Donald J. Sobol, and Tom Clancy. You don’t have to defend your first loves, we just want to hear the titles and some rosy memories. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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