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Summer Reading!

This is bliss!

What are you reading this summer? The New York Times wants to know… Actually, the Times’ Learning Network has asked bookish organizations to join in a tweet-fest (#summerreading) on June 7th, and we’ll be participating. Tune in to our Twitter feed (@fictionwriters) all day Thursday to learn what our editors will be reading this summer, and other summer reading tips, anecdotes, and ephemera. Join us! Here are some topics the Times suggests you might tweet about:

  • What you want to read — or have to read — this summer.
  • Wonderful, or awful, memories of summer reading
  • Quotes about summer reading, or about reading in general
  • Book recommendations for others
  • Tips for getting students to read in the summer
  • Links to booklists, contests and other resources
  • Summer book-club ideas
  • Visuals! Summer-book photos might be worth 1,000 words…
  • Summer site-specific recommendations: best beach books, camping books, car-trip audio books, family-reunion books, etc.
  • Best places to summer-read, or best things to eat and drink while summer reading
  • Thoughts about the concept of “summer reading” in general. For instance, why isn’t there “fall reading” or “winter reading” ?
  • Make sure to add the #summerreading hashtag to your tweets! I expect to have far too many recommendations to ever be able to follow through on by the end of the day, but that’s summer all over, isn’t? Lush and excessive, the expanse of it stretching out in front of you for almost three more months…imagine all the reading you could do.

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