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Thanks to Anne for alerting me to this, it sounds like just the diversion for a drizzly October morning. Today is the last day of the challenge, so if you’re feeling inspired for some Halloween creepy tweeting, get typing!

Bestselling author and former Booker Prize judge Frank Delaney is hosting a Halloween Writing Challenge on Twitter. From Monday, October 25 to Wednesday, October 27, he’s challenging people to introduce the creepiest character possible in 140 creepy characters. Please enter! (Don’t forget to include the hash tag #FDcreepy in your tweet.) You just might win a secret creepy prize picked by Frank Delaney. Full rules are here.

As inspiration, Frank offers up a creepy character sketch: a handsome all-star athlete…but every time he opens his mouth to speak, ants pour out.

Please enter the Halloween Writing Challenge as many times as you like, and get creepy!

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