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At the end of the bookshelf?

If the e-reader causes the “end of books,” will it also be the end of bookshelves? Maybe not. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on how people use their bookshelves today:

Michael Jones also loves books. But his loft condo in Minneapolis doesn’t have space for a traditional library. He still buys books but downloads a lot of his lighter reading material on his Kindle. Recently he added a custom built-in bookshelf to his living room — mainly to display his art collection. “I was running out of wall space,” he said. […]

His new built-in bookcase, which spans most of a 17-foot wall in his living room, contains some books but more art and artifacts. “I didn’t like the idea of completely filling it with books,” he said.

Of course, if you want to keep your books but still want to dress up your shelves, you could just consider some of these bookends:

Besides being functional, they make a pretty bold statement about reading, too.

Happy weekend!

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