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Catskill Studio for Writing

The fabulous Thisbe Nissen (Out of the Girls Room and Into the Night, Osprey Island, The Good People of New York, The Ex-Boyfriend Cookbook) is starting a summer writing workshop in the Catskills. In her own words:

Dear Everyone,

Some of you may know that up here in Saugerties, NY we’ve been hatching a plan for a summer writing workshop, and now that we’ve got some official flyer-type-things and an application form and even a website, I’m sending this out in the hope that you all might pass it along to potentially interested students, former students, or anyone you know who might be game for such a venture. It’s this July 19-26: The Catskill Studio for Writing!

The website is: It’s not exactly a work of art, but we’re fiction writers, not web designers… [This link also takes you to the flyer and application form.] We’re only going to take 15 people at most this first year, so the sooner people can apply, the better.

We’ll be updating the site soon with photos, links, etc. It’s all pretty low tech right now, but then, so are we… but if folks want to see where some things will be happening, I’ve got photos of our house up on flickr. It’s a pretty glorious place to be… and we’ve got a new enormous garden where a lot of the produce we’ll eat during the CSW will come from, and chickens (we don’t eat them, but we do eat their eggs!), and a creek to swim in…

Apply! And check out Nissen’s books; click on any of the titles to read excerpts and buy copies (new) from Powell’s:

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