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Gawker auctions signed Palin memoir for charity

War makes strange bedfellows, but what about charity? Gawker attended the National Book Awards and asked attending writers to sign a copy of Sarah Palin’s ghostwritten memoir Going Rogue. The signed book is now up for auction on eBay, with proceeds going to Save the Children.

Actually, the combination of Palin + literary stars makes total sense. The Gawker folk explain:

At 2009’s National Book Awards we honored Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue as 2010’s frontrunner for the NBA Fiction Prize by getting it signed by the gathered literary luminaries. And now, it can be the best charitable, tax-deductible present ever. […]

And at a ceremony when the books and authors being honored have the sales of their books disproportionately inverted by their quality, it only seemed appropriate to get everybody in on The Big Joke of the evening: that more people would read Sarah Palin’s Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Bullshit than any of the nominees’ and winners’ books, combined.

Signers include 2009 National Book Award winner Column McCann, actor and writer James Franco, 2008 National Book Award finalists Salvatore Scibona and Rachel Kushner, and more. See photos of the signing and scans of the signatures here, and if you’ve got some extra cash, bid on the book here.

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