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It's 13 days til Halloween…

I’d already planned to curl up with Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book and get into the mood.

And things, it appears, are getting better all the time. The author’s 9-city video tour concluded on October 9, and now, as I read, I can go here to watch and listen to Gaiman — in a fetching leather jacket, no less — read the entire book to me.

To learn more about the much-acclaimed The Graveyard Book, listen to this episode of All Things Considered. The NPR page also features a review by Laurel Maury, some of the book’s haunting artwork, an excerpt, and an interview with the author–as well as a photo of him in bee-keeping gear, harvesting honey. To hear first-hand what Gaiman is up to, spend some time on his blog.

Trailer for The Graveyard Book:

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