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Library Art (Literally)

Shelved books, in and of themselves, can be quite decorative, but perhaps you’re looking for book-themed art that’s more… frameable. No problem.

On Etsy, artist Jane Mount will create a custom painting of your “ideal bookshelf.” (Via.)
Writes Mount:

It can include up to 22 books of your choice. All you have to do is send me a photo of the full spines of the books together on a shelf, large enough that I should be able to read all the authors, titles and publishers.

If you don’t have them all together you can take photos of them separately and I can combine them, no problem, If you don’t have the books at all that’s okay, too: I might have photos of them already and if not I can get photos of them from the bookstore; it just costs a bit more.

On her website, Mount explains the idea behind the “Ideal Bookshelf” project:

I paint sets of books as a form of portraiture: a person’s favorites (of all time, within a genre or from a particular period in their lives); the ones that helped make them who they are today.

Or, if you prefer black-and-white art, Postertext sells stunning images made from the actual words of famous works of literature.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

The site promises new posters every week, and you can even request a poster based on a particular book.

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