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For those of us trying to sneak reading into our busy lives, DailyLit is a great resource: choose any of its 1000ish titles, and it will email you a snippet a day until you finish the book. (See our blog archive for more details.) But what if you want to read something that’s not in DailyLit’s library–or if you’ve already read all of DailyLit’s titles, you speed-reader, you?

Enter dripread, which functions in much the same way but, in addition to a library of titles, allows you to upload a book of your own choosing in ePub format. Says the site’s FAQ:

What does dripread mean?
The word ‘dripread’ is an adaptation of the word dripfeed, with the word ‘feed’ replaced by the word ‘read’. If you like, a dripfeed of reading material. A slow steady stream of information which is easy to process in the normal flow of life.

How does dripread work?
Readers first create a free account and upload their own ebooks (or select a book from the existing library), dripread will then store the ebook and serialise a page to the readers email address, simple.

As the parent of a young child, most things I do—from revising my novel to writing emails to doing laundry—end up happening in ten- or twenty-minute bursts. So the ability to upload a book and nibble my way through it, bite by bite (or drip by drip) is definitely appealing! In fact, once I’m finished with my latest draft, I can even imagine using dripread to send me a small chunk of it per day to re-read and re-edit—sort of like a teacher assigning a chunk of homework a day.

Has anyone out there given dripread a try?

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