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One Letter Missing

The Missing Letter

Oh, the difference a single letter makes! The recent Twitter hashtag #bookswithalettermissing marks hilarious (and sometimes brilliant) titles like:

  • @CodeNameTanya: Notes on a Sandal
  • @KBreathnach: Civilization and its Disco Tents
  • @SPLBuzz Harold and the Purple Rayon
  • @EditorEric: The Mon Is a Harsh Mistress: Heinlein’s memoir of a relationship w/Jamaican transvestite dominatrix
  • @atbennet: Far from the adding crowd: a little something for the math-phobic
  • @GetUpInFront: “F” Mice and Men. Steinbeck’s middle finger to the plight of the migrant laborer.

The Huffington Post has a great roundup, and you can search Twitter for the latest. Share yours with us!

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