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QueryFail Day

I’m going to cave one of these days and join Twitter (rather than merely blogging about it), if just to listen in on the next QueryFail Day.

Last month, a number of agents designated March 5th the first QueryFail Day, a 24-hour period devoted to Twittering 140-character summaries of the worst queries they’d recently received. The one ground rule was that no querying author could be referred to by name or any other identifying characteristic. That aside, the gloves came off!

Did the day serve more to mock would-be authors (as “Positivity Week” agent Nathan Bransford claims) or to educate them (as agent Colleen Lindsay says in the QueryFail’s defense)? Galleycat covered the ensuing debate here.

If you really dig minutiae, here’s a PDF record of all QueryFail-related Twitters from March 5.

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