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Quick, why do you write?

twitter.jpgCan you explain why you write in 140 characters or less? In response to a question by agent Jason Ashlock, hundreds of people have been trying with the hashtag #whyIwrite on Twitter. Here are some of their responses, which range from the humorous to the downright profound:

ANaderGretly: #WhyIWrite Because it’s an excuse to do research on strange subjects, i.e. Serial killers and forensic psychology.

ANaderGretly: #WhyIWrite Because I’d rather be a poor writer, than to be a wealthy engineer.

RJSWriter: #whyiwrite 2/2 so by passing what we _can_ see through the lens of imagination, we hope that some of it makes sense, somehow.

DL_Orton: #whyIwrite: If I didn’t, pixels would force their way out of my body by less socially acceptable means – and just think of all that laundry.

marilynpeake: Because I thought I should have homework. #whyiwrite

todd_keisling: #whyIwrite: Apparently it’s because I’m a glutton for punishment.

Visit the #whyIwrite hashtag to see all the responses.

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