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recommended writers-on-writing: big think

Earlier this year, Celeste and I blogged about how much FWR loves the TED series, in which speakers give a short talk about one topic of their choosing.

Another site, big think–which describes itself as “a global forum connecting people and ideas”–also offers hundreds of short video interviews, plenty of which would be interesting to writers or useful for writing teachers. Indulge in some healthy procrastination from your novel, syllabus, or deadline project by checking out a few samples:

* Elizabeth Gilbert discusses what it means when we call a book “Chick Lit” and shares some of her ideas about the creative process (see video below).

* Alane Salierno Mason tells us why Oprah’s book club is a good thing.

* Tom Perrotta comments on the state of American literary fiction today and on our president’s role as “literary figure”.

* Richard Price (Lush Life), discusses the experience of writing the script for Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video.

* Rodes Fishburne (Going to See the Elephant) gives a talk titled “The Current State of Publishing and Literary Fiction.”

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