Suspend Your Disbelief

Ellen Prentiss Campbell

Contributing Editor

Ellen Prentiss Campbell’s story collection, Contents Under Pressure, nominated for the National Book Award, was published by The Broadkill River Press in February of 2016. Her first novel, The Bowl with Gold Seams, was released in May 2016 from Apprentice House Press of Loyola University, Baltimore. Campbell is the recipient of an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars and fellowships from The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous journals, as well as having been recognized by the Pushcart Press. For many years she practiced psychotherapy. Campbell and her husband live in Washington D.C. and Manns Choice, PA.


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Talking Walls

“No matter how well-documented the history of a family home may be, there are gaps… I revel in the license to move into those uncharted spaces; to take a leap of faith from the springboard of memory into the untethered dimension of the imagination.” Ellen Prentiss Campbell on dreams, intuition, and following “the vapor trail of memory” in fiction.

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