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"The Call of the Domestic" and other Less Interesting Books

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For the past few weeks, book-loving Twitterers have been amusing themselves by coming up with Less Interesting Books. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Devil Wears Hush Puppies (@TheJaneChannel)

To Give a Mockingbird a Stern Talking To (@andrewvanorden)

A Farewell to Arms: Coping with Amputation (@waltonky)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Glendale Galleria (@peteFweiss)

The At-Times-Slightly-Unpleasant-But-Altogether-Perfectly-Manageable Lightness of Being (@mattmclowry)

A Couple of Years of Solitude (@joefi)

The great thing about hashtags like this is people keep coming up with more. Search for the #lessinterestingbooks tag on Twitter for more, and tell us yours in the comments. Via.

This thread also reminds me of one David Pogue started a while back on movie prequels. The responses he got included “A Grape in the Sun,” “Planting Arizona,” “There Goes Private Ryan… Hope He’ll Be OK,” and my absolute favorite, “We’re Running Low on Mohicans!” There’s a lesson for starting in medias res

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