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What Don Draper is reading…

I am an unabashed Mad Men fan, and this past season was possibly the best—but I will admit that a few times, I was able to tear my eyes from Don Draper in PJs to look at the book in his hands. You know you’re a word-nerd when you watch TV and realize you’re scoping out what the characters are reading.

Leave it to Flavorwire to compile the actual reading lists of Rory Gilmore, Don Draper, Daria (whoa ’90s flashback) and more.

Rory reads The Bell Jar. Don reads The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. Daria reads Being and Nothingness (okay, no surprise there). Back in the heyday of Friends, I definitely remember Rachel dipping into both Jane Smiley’s Moo—and, of course, Little Women and The Shining.

Do you notice what characters on TV are reading?

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