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What's your favorite position in bed?

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In which to read, that is.

ABE Books asked this provocative question recently, wondering if it was “weird” to read on one’s stomach:

I’ve asked around and have found many people who sit up, against the headboard or a pillow or two, and prop the book on their knees. Many side-readers. But no tummy-reader-elbow-proppers like me. Am I so strange?

And across the literary interwebs, people responded, including Alison Flood of the Guardian:

My technique is also lying on my side, but I prop myself up on a few pillows and hold the book in both hands. If it’s a particularly large book I’ll balance one edge of it on the bed. This can quite annoying, as the pages get caught on the bedsheet and my thumbs gets sore, but in general it’s comfortable enough for me to stay in one position for ages – often until I fall asleep, glasses pressed into my face.

Of course, if the standard side/back/stomach positions don’t do it for you, there’s the Kama Sutra of Reading. And for the truly lazy—or genius!—there’s this.

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