Suspend Your Disbelief

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1. Write novel. 2. ??? 3. PROFIT!

For many aspiring writers, that’s the big question: How do you get from #1 to #3? No one can guarantee that you’ll actually profit, of course, but certain steps make it much much much more likely that your work will get out there and find an audience. Though I’m certainly no expert, I’ve been asked many times by students and friends-of-friends how to revise the manuscript, how to find an agent, how to find a publisher.

Now Mediabistro—an expert if ever there was one—offers a new series of how-to videos, answering just those questions. Their series “I Just Wrote A Book… What Do I Do Now?” gives an overview of the process, including “The Writing and Editing Process,” “Finding an Agent,” and “Social Networking, Promotion, and More.”

Viewing is free, but only for a limited time, so if you’re approaching the end of a book, check them out now.

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