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Big Fiction Magazine

We spent all of May talking about short stories, and of course novels get plenty of love all year round. But what about that neglected misfit of the fiction world, the long story or novella?

Big Fiction Magazine is a new literary journal dedicated to the long story. From their website:

Big Fiction was created with the goal of providing a beautiful home for long fiction that otherwise would not find a place in traditional literary magazines. We are a new journal for literature at leisure—stories to curl up with for an afternoon (or pack along on your next journey), proudly housed in covers made the old-fashioned way, using foundry type set by hand and printed on a vintage press.

The long story is pure magic: It meanders. It accumulates. It hangs out and makes a (good) mess. It can encompass entire lifetimes—marriages, deaths, betrayals, redemption—in its sweep. The familiar short story and novel are much loved, but we want to turn you on to everything in between: “big” fiction with big ideas, drama, character, and vision. Great entertainment in just the right generous dose.

Their first issue is forthcoming this summer and can be ordered through their website. (Thanks to Derek Mong for the tip!)

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