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Book of the Week: Triumph of the Ape

This week’s feature is Todd Dills’ new collection, Triumph of the Ape, which was published earlier this year. Dills is the editor of THE2NDHAND, which was founded in 2000 in Chicago. He’s also the author of a novel, Sons of Rapture (Featherproof Books, 2006), and the editor of two anthologies of stories from THE2NDHAND. He lives in Nashville with his wife, Susannah Felts, also a published novelist and short story writer, and his daughter, Thalia. In his recent FWR interview with Nick Ostdick, the two sit down for a discussion on place in fiction, using Kickstarter to fund a print-run […]

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Journal-of-the-Week Winners: Reed

Last week we featured Reed as our Journal-of-the-Week feature, and we’re pleased to announce the winners: Stacy Chambers (@stacy_chambers) cbalexander (@gbalexander) Lee Prewett (@SaltonLee) To claim your free subscription, please email us at the following address: winners [at] If you’d like to be eligible for future giveaways, please visit our Twitter Page and “follow” us! Thanks to our fans.

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Journal-of-the-Week Winners for A Public Space

Last week we featured A Public Space as our Journal-of-the-Week, and we’re pleased to announce the winners. Congratulations to: Kelly Luce (@lucekel) Kristy Strick (@cstrickwrites) Maureen Sherbondy (@msherbondy) To claim your free subscription, please email us at the following address: winners [at] If you’d like to be eligible for future giveaways, please visit our Twitter Page and “follow” us!

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Journal of the Week: A Public Space

Our latest Journal of the Week, A Public Space, strives to be “a literary forum for the stories behind the news, a fragment of an overheard conversation, a peek at the novel the person next to you on the subway is reading, the life you invent for the man in front of you at the supermarket checkout line. Ideas and stories about the things that confront us, amuse us, confound us, intrigue us.”

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Bookish Gift #4: Subscriptions to Literary Magazines

Think of them as the literary equivalent of beer-of-the-month clubs. For less than the price of a hardback book, you can send an entire year’s worth of brand-new literature straight to a friend or loved one’s mailbox. And you’ll be supporting organizations that, in turn, support emerging and established writers alike. But which magazine to pick? It’s hard to go wrong with lit mags, but here are some of our favorites (click on any title to learn more): Old stalwarts like Ploughshares, The Paris Review, and Glimmer Train offer a buffet of treats to the omnivorous reader. Got a friend […]

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A Teaching Writer's Resource: Glimmer Train's Monthly Bulletin

I began submitting to Glimmer Train in 1997, the same year I received my undergrad degree in creative writing from the University of Michigan. That fall, following graduation, my now-wife and I moved to a small cabin on a lake in northern Michigan so that I could be “a writer.” I’d thought I needed to live deliberately, like Thoreau, to nurture my creative spirit. But as we’ve often joked since, the experience was more like The Shining–though with a lot less space. One positive during that experience, however, was that a story of mine received an honorable mention from Glimmer […]

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Class project: Adopt a lit mag

Kittens get adopted because they’re cute and fuzzy, with big eyes and adorable faces. (And those wee paws! Those little whiskers! Those tiny noses! Ahem.) But what about lit mags? No big eyes, no fuzzy paws—but they, too, deserve to be adopted. Enter the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses’ Lit Mag Adoption Program, which offers discounted subscriptions to literary journals in exchange for insider access for the students. Says the program’s website: Most poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction by emerging writers first finds its way into print through literary magazines, yet few student writers actively engage with the […]

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Big Fiction Magazine

We spent all of May talking about short stories, and of course novels get plenty of love all year round. But what about that neglected misfit of the fiction world, the long story or novella? Big Fiction Magazine is a new literary journal dedicated to the long story. From their website: Big Fiction was created with the goal of providing a beautiful home for long fiction that otherwise would not find a place in traditional literary magazines. We are a new journal for literature at leisure—stories to curl up with for an afternoon (or pack along on your next journey), […]

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THIS WEEKEND: clmp's Lit Mag Marathon Weekend (NYC)

This weekend, CLMP (The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses) is hosting its 12th annual Lit Mag Marathon Weekend. Here’s the scoop, courtesy of CLMP’s newsletter: The Magathon: Saturday, June 11th, 4-6:30 PM New York Public Library’s DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room, 5th Ave. at 42nd St. In this “marathon” reading, editors of lit journals will present selections from their first issues. The GIANT Lit Mag Fair at Housing Works: Sunday, June 12th, 11-4PM Housing Works Used Book Café, 126 Crosby Street in Soho Lucky you, New Yorkers—you can pick up tons of lit mags for only $2 a copy! Magazines […]