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Bookish Gift Idea #12: The Storymatic



Here’s a great gift for a young writer, a game buff, or a teacher. The Storymatic provides 500 cards suggesting characters, images, and events to lead players into a story:

First, draw two gold cards. Combine the information on the two cards to create your main character. For example, if you draw “surgeon” and “amateur boxer,” your character is a surgeon who is also a boxer. Next, draw one or two copper cards. Let the information on the cards lead you into a story. Wild cards are interspersed throughout, and they prompt you to go in directions you might not ordinarily go.

Writer-friends can get together for a night of improv storytelling; teachers can use this as a fun class activity; those just starting to tinker with words can use it as a near-infinite series of prompts. Or you could use it yourself as a writing exercise to launch your workday.

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