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Bookish Gift Idea #15: Portable laser keyboard



In case you doubted it: we live in the future.

I think this dawned on me when I got a smartphone shortly after my son was born. Suddenly, despite having a babe (literally) in arms, I could still read my favorite blogs and newspapers. I could still get my email. I could even read books and spent an entire month working my way through the complete Sherlock Holmes—in fifteen-minute segments, during my son’s naps.

But the one thing a smartphone isn’t very good for is actually writing. Sure, you can take notes or jot down a sentence when a great one occurs to you. If you’re good at thinking aloud, you can dictate to yourself. But I need to see the words on the page—or screen, as the case may be—and I compose at the keyboard because I can’t write fast enough with pen and ink. So if I go out to write, I still need to lug along my laptop.

Enter the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard, which looks like something from Tron. It’s a small metallic box that connects to your smartphone—wirelessly, of course—and projects a laser keyboard onto any flat surface. That’s right. You type on a VIRTUAL LASER KEYBOARD. And it even makes keyboard sounds for you.

Here’s a video of it in action:

I could say more, but what else do you really need to know? VIRTUAL LASER KEYBOARD. Full information, and the keyboard itself, are available at ThinkGeek.

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