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Bookish Gift Idea #23: Trivial Pursuit Book Lover's Edition

Image: Bookslut

Image: Bookslut

I am a huge fan of the board game Trivial Pursuit. In fact, my friends tease me because I own six different versions. But I’d never heard of this one and therefore don’t have it–a problem that will soon be rectified. Perhaps you know a book- and trivia-lover who would enjoy it as well?

Categories include Children’s, Classics, Non-Fiction, Book Club, Authors, and Grab Bag. Here are some sample questions, courtesy of book blog Necromancy Never Pays:

Children’s: What novice Keeper is hailed as Gryffindor’s “king” after winning the Quidditch Cup?

Classics: What fearless Prince of the Geats gets munched by a dragon?

Non-Fiction: What 72-year-old feminist rallied for the rights of the elderly in The Fountain of Age, in 1993?

Book Club: What novel by Peter Carey finds an imaginary poet created by Christopher Chubb coming back to haunt him?

Authors: What bit actor ran the Playhouse-on-the-Mall in Paramus, New Jersey before penning, at age 40, the first of his twenty-plus-best-selling-thrillers?

Book Bag: What Dan Brown thriller pries into the secrets of the Priory of Sion?

And, as Bookslut reveals, it can be an excellent drinking game as well. It’s a little hard to track down, but is available on Amazon and elsewhere. (Via.)

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