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Bookish Gift Idea #9: Membership to a writing center


If you’re looking for a way to encourage a writer-friend, what about membership to a local independent writing center? Most writing centers offer workshops and seminars, but they also provide quiet places to work, as well opportunities for writers to meet, share ideas, and talk shop. Let’s face it: writing is a lonely task, and reminders that you’re not alone can make a huge difference. Here’s just a sampling of what’s out there:

In Boston: Grub Street offers workspace as well as everything from one-night seminars to ten-week workshops. (Disclaimer: I teach at Grub Street–but I can also testify to the excellence and dedication of its instructors and students!)

In New York: The Writers Room provides workspace for writers of any genre along with seminars and workshops.

In Philadelphia: The Kelly Writers House serves as a center for all kinds of writers in the Penn community and the Philly area, offering readings, seminars, lectures, and much more, as well as a place for writers to gather and mingle.

In Washington, D.C.: The Writer’s Center provides classes, events, and mentoring for DC-area writers.

In Minneapolis-St. Paul: The Loft offers classes, readings, conferences, and events for writers in all genres.

In Seattle: At the Richard Hugo House, “residencies offer established writers stipends and/or space to support their work; in exchange, these writers hold office hours and consult free of charge with anyone in the city and region who seek their expertise.” The center also offers classes, workshops, and events.

Know of another great writing center? Let us know in the comments. And check back here at FWR every day in December for another bookish gift idea for the writers and readers in your life.

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