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Fiction Writers Review at AWP!

If you’ll be at AWP in Chicago this Thursday-Saturday, do stop by the University of Michigan table, where FWR will be representing with giveaway magnets and bookmarks; we’re hoping to spread the word about our site, grow our community of writers and readers, connect with publishers, and learn about new and forthcoming books.

Sadly I won’t be at AWP myself (this wretched pneumonia forced me to cancel my flight today), but a number of FWR contributors will be in attendance, among them Associate Editor Jeremiah Chamberlin, who has generously offered to coordinate FWR efforts at the conference.

If you’re longing to tell the world about this site (or just want more fictiontastic style in your life), check out our new store at; a dollar or two from your purchase will go toward financing FWR, promoting fiction, and helping make our world a saner, more intelligent, more empathetic place.

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