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HuffPo Books!

It was selected as one of Time magazine’s Top 25 Blogs of 2009. The Observer (UK) went one step further and named it the most powerful blog in the world. According to Technorati, it’s the most linked-to blog on the Internet. And its founder, Arianna Huffington, came in at #12 in Forbes ‘ 2009 list of the most influential women in the media.

Now the Huffington Post is starting–drumroll please!–a book section. Last Tuesday the New York Observer announced that HuffPo’s new book section would launch October 5th under the editorship of Amy Hertz, an editor-at-large for Penguin’s Dutton division. Even more intriguing, Arianna Huffington is also starting a book club, Oprah-style, selecting the titles herself.

The fact that HuffPo–a highly respected and heavily trafficked site–is devoting time, space, and attention to BOOKS is simply phenomenal! In the current economic climate, we’ve seen more and more independent bookstores close and newspapers slash book sections–or cut them entirely. Readers, do you think the Huffington Post‘s new book section will help get people jazzed about books again? We’ll continue to cover updates on this exciting new bookspace, an opportunity for convergence of media new and old. Check it out for yourself on October 5th.

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