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Issue 3 of Wag's Revue, and a contest

Issue3_Cover_onOnline-only literary mag Wag’s Revue‘s third issue, like its previous two, is full of great features (among them charcoal renderings of scenes from Point Break!), but for fiction’s sake, I’ll stick to–fiction. In addition to stories from Daniel Wallace, Louis Wittig, Gerald Barton, and Donald Dewey, I highly recommend Will Litton’s interview with George Saunders. And not just because there’s a charcoal drawing of Patrick Swayze before it.

Here’s one of my favorite bits from the interview (this is Saunders speaking):

I like it best when I’m just trying to make something funny and crazy and somehow a deeper truth comes out, that may not even be what I “think” I believe. I think that type of story is the best for the writer and the best for the reader. Because in a given day, don’t we all already know what we think? And can’t we defend it rigorously, without faltering? And isn’t that dull? I like it when truth comes up from underneath and shatters the nice clean floor we’ve made.

Now read the whole thing.

Wag’s Revue also recently announced the magazine’s second Writers’ Contest: three $500 prizes and guaranteed publication to the best entries in fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Learn more here.

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