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Microchondria Short Short Story Anthology

frame-about_us_bannerLast month we announced the Harvard Book Store’s short short story contest. In honor of the shortest month of the year, the store was seeking submissions that were both short in length (less than 500 words) and written during a brief period of time (between February 1-17). The results have now been posted, and we are pleased to announce that a story by contributor Liana Imam will be collected in an anthology of the winners, entitled Microchondria. In addition to Liana’s work, friend of FWR Cody Walker–whose cartoon caption won a recent New Yorker caption contest that we blogged about a few weeks ago, and which appeared in last week’s issue–also had a story selected for the collection. Congratulations to them both!

To order a copy of Microchondria, visit the Harvard Book Store website.

coverAlso be sure to read Mary Stewart Atwell’s review of J. Robert Lennon’s Pieces for the Left Hand, which we published earlier today. Lennon’s collection is comprised of 100 linked short short stories–linked by their location, a small upstate New York town that resembles Lennon’s hometown of Ithaca; and by their narrator, described in the introduction as “unemployed, and satisfied to be unemployed.”

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