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Oh, The Things Your Book Can Do!

It’s an end table. No! It’s a lampshade. No! It’s…

Today at Fiction Writers Review, we present you with three more things your book can do.

1. Books as handbags
Craft podcast Curbly presents step-by-step instructions for turning your favorite tome into a purse. For the gentlemen, perhaps a large volume, like an atlas, could be used to make a stylish attache?

2. Kindle cover
Love your Kindle, but want to maintain street cred with the paper-book-loving crowd? Instructables shows how to craft a Kindle cover from an old hardback. Now you can enjoy the hi-tech benefits of an e-reader along with the satisfying handfeel and weight of a low-tech book.

3. Lifesaver. Literally.
The folks over at Electric Literature tested several bulky books of 2010—including a Kindle, Rick Moody’s 729-page Four Fingers of Death and, yes, Franzen’s ubiquitious Freedom—to see which would be best at stopping a bullet. That’s right. THEY SHOT BOOKS! Watch the video below to find out which book to carry for protection.

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