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On an optimistic note…

more than itThere’s plenty for writers to worry about these days: the future of literary fiction, the collapsing publishing industry, the economy in general. So here’s a much-needed note of optimism. On the Penguin Blog, Darin Strauss (author of Chang and Eng and More Than It Hurts You) reminds us about the joys of being a writer.

These are, as the whole world knows, tough days for literary fiction. And it’s never been the easiest career, even in boom times. Rejection. Financial uncertainty. Mean or dense critics. Good publishers that nevertheless have, at the end of each quarter, to answer to corporate bosses. Plus, the difficulty of composition. Blah blah blah. Everyone knows about this job, about the privations and snags of it.

But it’s wonderful, too.


(P.S. What wouldn’t you give to join in that literary dinner?)

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