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Thursday Morning Candy: Algonquin's "Ask an Editor" Series

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Ever wanted an insider’s view on the publishing process? Algonquin Books has launched the “Ask an Editor” video series on their blog to give you just that. (Via.) Says the site:

Have a question about the publishing world? Submit it in the comments section and one of our editors may very well answer it in a future episode.

The first video features Executive Editor Chuck Adams answering the question “How did you acquire Water for Elephants?” Watch it below:

Readers have already chimed in with questions from “What other changes should literary writers expect in publishing for the next five to ten years? What roles and responsibilities should we be ready and willing to assume?” to “Would you like to work with an Indian writer? Considering the cultural differences, do you think you’d be able to then do justice to the story?” to “What kind of a following do publishers expect an aspiring author to have? What kind of numbers, or statistics, are expected or required (Twitter, Blogs, etc)?” Check back for some of those questions to be answered in future video segments.

And come back next week for another tasty online treat from Thursday Morning Candy!

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