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tiny library + tiny video = big funds?

The town of Shutesbury, in rural western Massachusetts, needs a new public library to replace their tiny, antiquated one (there’s no running water!). The state will cover 60% of the cost—IF the town can raise $1.4 million by June 30. Shutesbury has made this adorable video explaning the situation and making the case for a new library.

(And if that’s not enough to convince you to watch, I have two words for you: ukulele soundtrack.)

This video—especially the lists of things the patrons hope to do in their new library—remind me that libraries aren’t just shelves of books: they’re community centers, access points to both the wide world and the world wide web, and possibly the best way to encourage love of learning in children.

Watch, get warm and fuzzy inside, and if you’ve got a spare couple of dollars, you can donate via Paypal.

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