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Wag's Revue releases Issue 2

Issue2_Cover_offOn June 25, Wag’s Revue–a free, online-only literary quarterly–followed their exciting (and much-discussed) first issue with their second, which looks very promising. So why is this lit mag different from all other lit mags? In the words of Sandra Allen, the journal’s nonfiction editor, Wag’s Revue “aspires to marry the freedoms of the Internet with the strictures of a traditional printed quarterly, creating something entirely new (a ‘wag,’ if you will). It’s an exciting solution, I think, to print’s demise, and a good read for anyone interested in the future of the American literary quarterly.” From the press release:

Faithful to its controversial manifesto, the editors of Wag’s Revue are “intent on revolutionizing online literature. We wish to create something entirely of the internet, never printed and never meant to be printed, but with all the editorial and aesthetic controls that entice people to read and trust the finest printed media.” Alongside interviews with what the editors call the “waggish luminaries of our day,” Wag’s Revue continues to search for and publish strong, careful works by new and innovative writers.

In Issue 2, you’ll find the following: an interview with T.C. Boyle, anagrams of Shakespeare sonnets by K. Silem Mohammad, creative nonfiction by Stephen Elliott, photography by Michal Chelbin, and more.

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