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Who should ReadThis help next?

In 2009, the now year-old organization ReadThis hit the ground running with a number of ambitious (and notably successful) projects–such as sending books to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and creating libraries for a Bronx public school and a Harlem children’s hospital. Who should ReadThis help supply books to in 2010? If you have suggestions, the board would love to hear from you. Via today’s Facebook message:

ReadThis will be having a board meeting in a couple of weeks to plan the next six months of ReadThis activities. If you know of a school, workplace, hospital, military base, literacy organization, library or any other facility that needs our help getting books or having a writer visit, please email by January 14th to let us know.

The recipient location can be anywhere, as long as the logistics are reasonable with this volunteer force. Please give the where, when, why, and it will be put it up for consideration.

Thank you in advance for your ideas.

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