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Book Review Bingo

Boston Examiner Michelle Kerns has come up with the perfect way to monitor clichés in book reviews: Book Review Bingo.

Just because I’m a sucker for you guys, I’ve taken all the work out of it: you’ll find, below, eight Bingo cards specially designed for the cliché-intolerant among us. I even gave you a freebie — see the middle square? It’s the “Cliché -free” zone.

Print them out. Distribute them among your reading fellows. See who can get to Bingo first. Or — depending on which publication you’re reading — who can get a blackout first.

Okay, we here at FWR have used a few of these; I’ll leave it to you to figure out which ones. But I’m proud to say you’d have a hard time getting a bingo on our site. (And I’m doubly proud to say we have never once used the dreaded “X meets X,” “readable,” or—ugh—”unputdownable.”)

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