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Dancing with the… Authors?

Nothing says “awesome reality TV” like “authors.” Right?

On, Breia Brissey wonders why no authors have been featured in over 11 seasons of Dancing with the Stars:

Even if you don’t watch the show, it’s hard to avoid the casting news each season. And if I’ve learned anything at all by watching week after week, it’s that the producers use the term ‘stars’ loosely. I get it. Dancing with the People You’ve Probably Heard About in the News, Regardless of Star Quality was never really a viable name choice. So I won’t hold that against the ABC powers that be. But I’m not sure I’m comfortable living in a world where Bristol Palin is considered a ‘star’ and a best-selling author is not. And that has nothing to do with politics.

It’s too late to lobby for an author on the upcoming season—which starts today—but there’s always the future. What author would you most like to see on the show? Speaking for myself, I could ask little more from life than to see Jonathan Franzen doing this:

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