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Feed your head—and your stomach—at La Pizzateca

A new shop in Madrid, La Pizzateca, serves up tasty combos of books and pizza. Reports Springwise:

The brainchild of Spanish publisher ES Ediciones, La Pizzateca offers a wide range of artisanal pizzas and calzones made from natural ingredients for enjoyment in-house or to go. It’s also a bookstore, however, and it even offers specials to encourage both pursuits. One, for example — dubbed the “menú de las letras” — includes a slice of pizza and a book for just EUR 5.

Sounds like a clever new way to market books—and I love the idea of pairing pizzas with literature, kind of like wine pairings. If we had something like this stateside, what combinations might we make? Middlesex and a feta-topped Greek pizza? An eight-topping pizza and Wolf Hall (in honor of Henry VIII)? Give us your ideas in the comments.

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