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Help FWR grow—join The Great Write Off! (UPDATED)


Here at Fiction Writers Review, we run this website as volunteers, in our spare time and out of our own pockets. We think we’ve got a great site with great content—and since you’re here, reading this blog, we hope you agree! This fall, we’re running our first-ever fundraiser, and it’s your chance to help FWR just by doing what you do normally: writing.

On October 3-5, Fiction Writers Review will compete in The Great Write Off, a three-day write-a-thon. (Think walk-a-thon, but with writing.) It’s a friendly fundraising competition involving six Michigan lit organizations—each fielding its own team of writers. And we’d love for you to write on the Fiction Writers Review team.

How does the Great Write Off work?

As a participant, you’ll find sponsors who will support you with a donation on your behalf. Your friends and family get to show their support of you, your work, and literature. You get motivated to do something you want to do anyway: write! And FWR gets a much-needed financial boost so we can keep publishing quality work for, and by, writers like you.

How you encourage folks to give on your behalf is up to you. Most people will give a one-time pledge, which is great. Or, you might suggest they pledge a small contribution to FWR for every page you write during the write-a-thon. For example, you know that aunt who loves your writing? Ask her to sponsor you at $2 per page, and if you write ten pages between October 3rd and 5th, she’d give FWR $20. It’s up to you.

Okay, I’m in. How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy—just click here to join FWR.

You can join the FWR team as an individual, or you can join any of FWR’s specialty teams—such as “Collards and Cornbread,” our team of Southern writers, or “Poets for FWR”—and meet other writers who share common interests.

I’m not sure… give me one more reason!

We hope this fundraiser will help us keep the site running without going broke ourselves, create a few paid staff positions, and eventually to pay our contributors—who currently write for free—for their fabulous work.

In short, if you value what we do here at Fiction Writers Review, we’d love for you to join the FWR team in the Great Write Off and show your support. It doesn’t take a penny from you—but it would mean the world to us.

Thank you!

The team at Fiction Writers Review

P.S. Can’t join the Great Write Off? It’s okay; we understand! You can still help out by sponsoring one of our writers. Or simply by spreading the word—on Facebook, Twitter, and to your writing friends—anyone who’d like to write on FWR’s behalf in the write-a-thon or sponsor the work we do.

UPDATE: Don’t know which team or writer to back? Don’t want to play favorites? No worries. You can now contribute to the FWR General Fund—click here to sponsor “The FWR Editors,” and your contribution will help the whole FWR team.

The FWR team and some of our wonderful contributors

The FWR team and some of our wonderful contributors at the 2012 AWP Writers Conference

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