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Help FWR grow—join The Great Write Off! (UPDATED)

Here at Fiction Writers Review, we run this website as volunteers, in our spare time and out of our own pockets. We think we’ve got a great site with great content—and since you’re here, reading this blog, we hope you agree! This fall, we’re running our first-ever fundraiser, and it’s your chance to help FWR just by doing what you do normally: writing. On October 3-5, Fiction Writers Review will compete in The Great Write Off, a three-day write-a-thon. (Think walk-a-thon, but with writing.) It’s a friendly fundraising competition involving six Michigan lit organizations—each fielding its own team of writers. […]

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"How do you know a tsunami is coming?" "When the ocean starts to disappear."

If you’re looking for reasons to help the relief efforts in Japan, look no further than this moving essay in the New York Times by novelist Marie Mutsuki Mockett, author of Picking Bones from Ash. Mockett’s family lives near Sendai, the city hardest hit by the earthquake and the tsunami that followed. For 36 hours after the earthquake and tsunami that eviscerated the east coast of Japan on Friday, I was unable to get any word from my relatives who oversee and live in our family’s Buddhist temple in Iwaki City, south of Sendai, the biggest city near the epicenter. […]

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Help victims of the Japan earthquake!

Authors for Japan has just launched an auction site to help those affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. (Via.) Items up for bids include 200 UK pounds of teen fiction from Hachette, several opportunities to have a character named after you in an upcoming book, cover letter and first chapter critiques, query letter critiques, a book-themed blog or site of your own, freelance journalism mentoring sessions, and much, much more—far too much to list here. Click on over to the Authors for Japan site and place your bids (in UK pounds) in the comment section of the items you’d […]

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Can Kickstarter fund a lit website?

With print media slashing book sections, the future of book reviews may well be online. (Case in point: this site.) But like print media, websites cost money to run. So what’s a book review site to do? In the Stacks, a video book reviewing site, has one solution: use the community fundraising site Kickstarter to raise money. Author and site founder Michelle Zaffino writes: Last year I created the program In the Stacks video book review (, which features 60-second long reviews of recent books. The reviews are done by one of the most authoritative sources on the topic: Librarians. […]