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Literary Tattoos, Part II

Quite a while back, we wrote about an anthology of literary tattoos. That book, The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos, came out last fall. And, judging by this slideshow of lit tattoos, there’s plenty of material out there for a sequel. Can you identify these?

And check out the rest in the original post.

Those that use the text of the literature itself are lovely—but I’m especially fond of those that are insider references to the text, like this one:

Or this one:

Maybe we can divide literary tattoos into two classes. First there are those that use a direct quote—the kind that suggests true meaning lies in the words themselves. Then there are those that act like an in-joke, recognized only by those who get reference—a kind of inked secret handshake. This is a little like my husband’s Mr. Sparkle T-shirt, which confuses most people but delights those who recognize the reference.

Which kind of tattoo would you prefer to have? Would you want to share the text of the book on your skin, or savor the secret connection with others who’ve read it?

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