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recommended lit journal: Waccamaw

Earlier this month Waccamaw launched its Spring 2009 Issue. This is the third volume of the online literary journal published at Coastal Carolina University. The mission of the journal is to combine the rigorous quality and attention to detail of print journals with the reach and distribution of the Internet. And this attention to detail is visible not only in the quality of the authors being published here, but also little things like font choices (Georgia) and the off-white background that gives the illusion of reading from a “page.” The journal even has an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) and is a member of CLMP (Council of Literary Magazines and Presses). All these seemingly insignificant particulars add up to give Waccamaw a sense of seriousness, purpose, and direction. It’s already beginning to pay off, too—later this summer two stories from earlier issues of the journal will appear in The Best of the Web 2009, guest edited by Lee K. Abbott and published by Dzanc Books this July. Those stories are “The Boy and the Colgante,” by Jeff Parker (Ovenman) and “On the Other Hand” by Michael Czyzniejewski (Elephants in our Bedroom).

To submit work to Waccamaw, view their guidelines here.

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