Suspend Your Disbelief

Rebecca Scherm

Contributing Editor

Rebecca Scherm is a writer and teacher in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her first novel is Unbecoming (Viking, January 2015).


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Writing Toward a Less-Mythic Southern California: An Interview with Chris McCormick

“You know how questions can be hydras—you think you’ve solved one, and then two more sprout. I’m sure the desert will continue to baffle me in the future, but I’m excited to say my next book has more stamps in its passport.”

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Stories We Love: "Revenge," by Ellen Gilchrist

Why is “Revenge” so gleeful, so wicked, so charming? It’s 1943 in the Mississippi Delta. Rhoda’s older brother Dudley and their cousins have built a broad-jump pit in the pasture, where every day they practice for the Olympics. They won’t let Rhoda play, and she has a series of tantrums until her older cousin Lauralee comes home for a quickie war wedding and asks Rhoda to be her maid of honor. After the wedding, Rhoda gets into the Crème de Menthe and sneaks away from the reception, leaves her fancy new dress in a pile, and finally gets to try […]

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Stories We Love: "Dick," by Antonya Nelson

“Dick” is a snorter, a mean cackler, a muffled hooter. It’s a story to read on the subway home from a maddening staff meeting, or on your front steps after a surreal and unpleasant interaction with a neighbor, or to prepare for a holiday with extended family. Ann Ponders (har har) moves her husband and son from L.A. to Colorado, hoping to leave everything unnerving behind: her snorting, smoking daughter Lizzie, “clever and duplicitous” in “the whole smooth suit of skin she wore without thinking”; her Alzheimer’s-addled mother, now in a nursing home; her young son’s best friend, Dick, who […]

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