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Shady Side Review Postcard Contest


The Shady Side Review is having a postcard contest. They’re seeking the best poetry or prose of 100 words or less. Winners will have their work published on–what else?–postcards. The submission deadline is March 17, and each entry is $1. From the Editors:

What can you get for a dollar these days?

  • A newspaper (but they don’t usually publish fiction unless you’re famous. Are you famous? Maybe your work is already in a newspaper then.)
  • A bagel (but unless you carve your poem into the dough, your work does not appear here).
  • Eternal fame and glory (this can be achieved by submitting your work that is one hundred words or less to shady side review’s annual (probably) postcard contest).

If you win the grand prize, you’ll receive a cash prize and ten glossy postcards featuring your work…Two runners-up, you can call them second and third place if you prefer, will receive 10 copies of their postcards, but no cash. Sorry. On top of that, yes, it does keep getting better and better, we will be handing out the winners’ postcards at AWP in Denver this year. Think of all that amazing publicity. So what are you waiting for? Submit!

For more information on how and where to submit your work, please see the Shady Side Review‘s contest guidelines.

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