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something's gotta work: more publishing linkage



– Lev Grossman looks back as well as forward when considering the future of publishing.

– Motoko Rich examines the industry’s new austerity.

– Julian Gough makes a modest (bailout) proposal.

– Boris Kachka suggests resurrecting Robert Giroux.

– Spotted via Bookslut, Patti Holt makes an argument for ditching hardcovers altogether:

– And should you feel like buying a book today, a panel of reviewers at The Guardian takes a stab at naming the 1,000 novels everyone must read. Bonus: it’s not just a list; there is a paragraph-long description of each. If you feel an important book has been overlooked, The Guardian asks that you email them “with your nomination and an explanation in no more than 150 words at” (Thanks, Celeste, for this link!)

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